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About Us


Max-i-Mum’s Holistic Practices combines a variety of products and services to assist the client with reconnecting with their true soul purpose. This allows them to change unhealthy individual or family patterns by adapting their life choices. Regular daily practices and products are provided that focus on the body, emotions, mind and spirit which improves wellness and helps clients to thrive in all areas of life.

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Code of Conduct


  • We provide a physically and energetically clean, safe and friendly environment to assist the healing process at all times.

  • All products are freshly made up in a spotlessly clean environment by max-i-mum personally. No product stock is kept.

  • All practices are conducted with strict client confidentiality.

  • We do not claim that these treatments, courses or products cure, diagnose or prevent disease.

  • We consider and take note of any possible contra-indications the client may have.

  • We do not tolerate the use of recreational drugs, alcohol or any form of sexual misconduct in any way.

  • We promote a debt-free approach to life.

  • We promote healthy boundaries, clear communication, action taking and honesty in absolutely every way.

  • We encourage great respect, good manners, kindness, gratitude and appreciation for all life forms and the planet at all times.

  • We practice clean ethics – we believe in giving & receiving in balance.

  • We teach the importance of holistic health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – ‘without good health we are nothing!’

  • We coach by guiding clients gently and allowing them the freedom to choose methods that is most suited to their individual needs that allows them to achieve their goals at their own pace.

  • We respect everyone’s uniqueness at all times.

  • Max-i-mum’s is always open to suggestions for our improvement too.

  • We promote the active participation of the client in their own healing process by encouraging self-commitment, self-respect, self-discipline and self-motivation at all times.

You get out what you put in - with great love & trust it is so!


For over 40 years I have chosen to utilize alternative healing methods to assist my friends, family and clients in finding balance in their body, mind, emotions and spirit. In my experience, allopathic medicine focuses mainly on the physical and mental body systems with little emphasis on the wholeness of the individual. This realization led me to venture out, study and apply alternative methods like reiki, hypnotherapy, massage and reflexology to my life and the lives of others. 

Practicing alternative methods of healing has helped me to realign with my true soul purpose. I found the courage to take leaps of faith in many different areas of my life that I would never have done before. As I progressed on this journey, I gained further qualifications as an aromatherapist and herbalist which inspired me to create a range of healing products that assist people, pets and planet.

I am excited to welcome and assist you on your journey to "Rediscover Yourself".

- Maxine

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Max-i-Mum’s products are not prescribed and are to be used at your own discretion.  These products do not claim to cure and are for adult use only unless otherwise specified.

If you experience any allergic reactions, please discontinue use immediately and consult a qualified professional. Keep out of reach of babies, children, and animals at all times. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication, please consult your doctor before using our products.

We do our best to source ingredients of high quality that are healthier for the environment and certified cruelty free. Please note that the recommended shelf life of our products is approximately 6 months.

Any Questions?


What is your return policy?

Since our products are made to order with their aroma freshness, we unfortunately cannot accept returned products.

Do you offer international shipping?

Not at this moment - please send us a message for further enquiries.

What are your payment options?

EFTs are accepted through Yoco and PayPal.

Still have questions? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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