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The wonderful aromas of Max-i-Mum's blends... concentrated. Apply one drop of oil onto our beautiful clay bead bracelets or add to a diffuser for subtle wafts around your favourite space.


Please do not add the concentrated oil directly onto your skin - too much of a good thing usually ends badly.

Concentrated Essential Oil Blend (10ml)

  • Cleansing:

    This blend helps to cleanse away any stored-up negativity, it is best used to release tension after conflict, trauma, or illness. Works well as an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral to boost the immune system when times are tough.


    Maintains balance within the body systems after healing treatments, supports those who are on a journey to a more balanced lifestyle. Helps those who may suffer from depression and anxiety by working to regulate emotional content.


    Works to reduce feelings of separation and isolation while calming the body's nervous system to relieve stress. Assists in lessening the intensity of PMS and menopausal symptoms. Promotes feelings of stability, peacefulness, upliftment, and abundance.


    Aims to alleviate overtiredness and sluggish body systems that have become stagnant as a result of overloaded lifestyle patterns. This blend is fresh, energizing and a great pick-me-up.


    As the name suggests, this blend promotes protection against spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical negativity. It focuses on alleviating discomfort from aches, inflammation, infections, digestive problems, body odours and anxiety. Phew.


    This blend is a combination of soothing oils that promote relaxation in order to relieve stress and anxiety. It has mild sedative properties and is good for allergies, inflammation, low libido and menstrual problems.


    Works to boost creative flows by uplifting emotions and adding newfound excitement to everyday life. Helps those that suffer with depression and headaches while strengthening the immune system.


    This blend aids detoxification processes by encouraging the body systems to release any stored toxins. It is a good choice for those who suffer from tummy cramps and digestive issues or those that may feel slightly ungrounded.

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