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Aromatherapy perfume. Eau de pulse point.

Or, as we like to say in English: seven  lip gloss roller bottles containing our individual chakra blends bathed in a carrier oil. It can be applied directly onto the skin on the various pulse points to assist you in balancing each of your seven chakras in everyday life.

Chakra Pulse Point Kit

  • Base:

    This blend stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine which helps to eliminate feelings of anger and reduce stress. It also boosts the libido, soothes inflammation, is good for arthritis and is generally strengthening. It helps to provide a sense of grounded-ness.


    This blend focusses on clearing negativity and opens creative and intuitive flows. It helps to relieve anxiety, aids the healing of urinary tract infections and digestive problems. It also assists menopausal problems, kidney disease and menstrual cramps. It is generally stimulating.


    Situated at the core, this blend helps to ease tension, soothe irritation, clear the mind, and decrease hyperactivity. It supports organ health and boosts the immune system. It helps gall bladder disorders, stomach cramps and nerve pain. This blend is a great anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antioxidant and supporter of hormonal health.


    This essential oil blend assists with managing pain, anxiety, infections, and depression. It aims to improve the heart rate, regulate temperatures in the body, support brain activity and alleviate headaches. This blend emphasizes positive and constructive emotions and boosts confidence.  


    This blend focusses on reducing symptoms like indigestion, nausea and gas. It helps to ease skin conditions like rashes and eczema while relieving respiratory discomforts. This blend assists with air purification and uplifts both mind and spirit while stimulating happiness.


    This blend is used to cleanse, calm and ground any unsettling feelings while fighting exhaustion and reducing inflammation in the body. It assists with easing fevers, respiratory conditions, and coughs. This blend dispels negative energy and benefits highly intuitive people.


    This essential oil blend assists with improving gut health as well as release tension; it can also be used to relieve symptoms of hysteria and shock. This blend has anti-inflammatory, anti-neurotic effects, and aids meditation. It is a great emotional remedy as it helps to free the mind and spirit of fear.

  • Packaging may vary according to availability.

    Delivery is only available throughout South Africa.

    All of Max-i-Mum's base ingredients are sourced through accredited organisations.

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